Three Reasons to Install a New Front Door

Is your old front door holding you back? As far as home improvements go, does it even make your list? It really should. It should even be on your short list of top ten priorities for this year. There are a few great reasons why you should consider a new front door.

1. It saves you money.
Your old front door could be costing you. It is more than likely letting heat/cool air seep right out of your home. Imagine what it would look like if you checked out your front door with an infrared camera. I’d bet you would notice a dramatic change in temperature around your front door and your windows. Heat escapes most around doors and windows, so when insulated properly, they can save you a ton of money on energy bills. Old doors are far less insulated, and let air pass right on through. Doors can even warp as a house settles creating gaps in the frame. If you have the original front door that was installed in your home, it’s definitely time for an upgrade.

2. It’s your first defense.
You may have a great security system installed, but your front door is a security issue as well. If you have an old flimsy door, you might as well invite potential intruders right on in. Doors on the market now are more secure than ever before. A new front door could not only save you money, it can also mean lower risk of entry.

3. It means better curb appeal.
Looky Lou’s are always checking out your front door first—let’s face it. If you take pride in your home, you’ll want to have an amazing front door as a statement piece that ties the whole exterior of your home together. And if you’re looking to sell, a new front door might clench the deal.

Prioritize getting a new front door this year. An energy-efficient door will save you so much on monthly bills, it’ll pay for itself before long. It’ll also help you protect your family and your valuables. Plus, you’ll be the envy of the neighborhood with a beautiful new front door.