Increasing the Natural Light in your Home with New Windows & Doors

Natural light, or daylighting, has many benefits. We have gotten used to the convenience of artificial light. Whenever we need it, it’s there at the flick of a switch. But, daylight offers so much more. Its benefits trump convenience, and here are four reasons why.

1. Natural light is good for your health.
As a society, we have become so terrified of skin cancer that we shy away from the sun. So much so that Vitamin D deficiencies have become common. Natural light from the sun increases Vitamin D levels as well as oxygenates the blood. These are two naturally occurring processes that our bodies crave and need to function properly. Our bodies actually respond better to natural warmth as well.

2. Natural light can help with depression.
Lighting is measured in lux. Artificial light emits 150-600 lux. Compare that to 100,000 lux of the noonday sun. Studies have shown that a lack of daylight can actually cause seasonal affective disorder (SAD) a form of depression. By adding more natural light to your home, you greatly decrease the risk of developing this form of lethargy. It’s been proven that sunlight can induce feelings of calmness, well-being and general comfort.

3. Adding more natural light to your home is easy.
Picture windows are a great way to let in more sunlight. They are easily customized to bigger sizes since they are immobile. They are also perfect for any room in your home. Picture windows not only allow more sunlight into your home, but they are also incredibly energy efficient.

4. Natural light saves you money.
The windows we offer are energy efficient, which saves you money. Our windows regulate the transfer of heat across the surface of the window—retaining it or rejecting it, depending on the season. This allows your heating and cooling unit to work less hard and saves you money on your energy bills.